Planning application number: 13/0286
Description: Listed Building consent to re-instate the roof over part of the Tudor wing.
Case officer and phone number: Ms J Ruffley 01768 212479
Date received: 17 April 2013
Date valid: 23 April 2013
Decision level/committee: Delegated
Application status: Withdrawn
Applicant name and address: Mr C Terry
Highhead Castle Ivegill Carlisle CA4 0PN
Agent name and address: Roderick I K Ogilvy
Ash Tree Barn Talkin Brampton Carlisle CA8 1LE
Agent phone number:
Decision date: 02 August 2013
Parish: Skelton
Area team:
Consultation period begins: 30 April 2013
Consultation period ends: 24 May 2013

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