Planning application number: 16/0853
Description: Erection of dwelling for staff accommodation in association with Larch Cottage Nurseries.
Decision date: 21 November 2016
Decision type: Full Refusal
Temporary expiry date:
Decision level/committee: Delegated
Conditions / reason for refusal: 1) The application would lead to the creation of a dwelling in an unsustainable location not associated with a local service centre. No exceptional need has been demonstrated for the dwelling in this essentially rural location nor does the proposal meet the criteria of a rural exception site. The application is therefore contrary to the NPPF (Para 55), Eden Core Strategy CS1, CS2, CS3 and CS9.

2) The proximity of the site to the neighbouring contracting business is such that the amenities of future occupiers of the dwelling would be likely to be unacceptably affected by noise generated by the operation of that business, potentially adversely impacting on the future viability and operation of that business.

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